Jetpack Jones – Nothing Like Home Ringtone Ft. Reem Riches

Nothing Like Home Ringtone by Jetpack Jones Ft. Reem Riches

Jetpack Jones Ft. Reem Riches – Nothing Like Home Ringtone Download

[Verse 1]
Loud dreaming
Eye beaming
I can see it all
not afraid of heights
I’m also not afraid to fall
So I’m takin risks
And making careful calculations
And reap the benefits
Of working through some complications
I’d like to be away
And travel for some long durations
Cuz home just isn’t home
Without vacations on occasion
don’t discriminate
Prefer my women black or Asian
With superb taste in music
Flowin conversation

Catching too many flights
On these planes overnight
Goin everywhere I wanna go
I’m goin everywhere I wanna go
But it’s nothin like home
Nothing like home (repeats)

[Verse 2]
Beach dweller
Rock Pierre Cardin
Always wearin vans
Black laces indeed
If you fuck with me
You must respect my team
Cuz we all rap good
And we all smoke green
We all work hard
Cuz we all got dreams
Of reaching new highs
To supply nice things
And spread light beams
To these blind muhfuckas
deeper than it seems
Expand your mind muhfuckas


[Verse 3]
Blue Eco got us movin up quick
Many lyrics
Many melodies
They all seem to stick
Expansion is the key
To bridge the gap to the sleep walkers
The ones who seek truth
No regard to shit talkers
I love the feeling of connecting with the crowd
When they recognize the words
Everybody rappin loud
passing out cans
Of green tea Arizona
Music has no bounds
But we reppin California


Jetpack Jones Ft. Reem Riches – Nothing Like Home Ringtone

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