Euroz – Stay On My Mind Lyrics Ft. Castro

Stay On My Mind Lyrics by Euroz Ft. Castro

Euroz Ft. Castro – Stay On My Mind Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Rarely Do I See Someone Is Fly As Me
Be A Shame To Let You Leave Without Me Tryna Speak
Cuz It’s Obvious That You The Last Of A Dying Breed
Bad Enough To Have Me Booked For This Entire Week
Im Usually Busy
Somewhere In The World Getting My Grind On
The Money’s Koo, But I Need Someone I Can Spend This Time On
If You Ask Me I Think We Both Perfect…
For Each Other…
Then Again, What If The Time’s Wrong
You The Truth Shit, I Can’t Lie
A Positive Reflection Of The Woman You Was Raised By
These Other Chicks? Never Got A Title, A.I
Im Tryna Take You Places, Fuck A State Line
I Pray This Aint The Last Time I See You
Would Be A Nightmare To Lose The Woman
That I Dreamed About/
Im Just Tryna Get Acquainted Wit You…
Me & You, The Perfect Picture, Let Me Painted Wit You

Baby, Ain’t No Other Like Ya, I’d Be More Than Glad Ta
Show You Things You Never Seen
Cause Baby, I Just Wanna Love Ya…
Treat You Like No Otha, With You Is Where I Need To Be
You Stay On My Miiiind…. You Stay On My Mind…. (Repeat)

[Verse 2]
I Love The Way You Do It
Ugh, You Got Class, & These Other Hoes Is Truant
Finally Found What I Been Searching For
You Gon Make Me Lose It
I See You As Happiness, & Girl Im The Pursuant
I Ain’t Kiddin Like The Tubes Tied…
And She Aint Trippin Like Her Shoes Tied
I Can Tell She Loyal As Shit And Thats Rare
So It’s Nothin To Spoil The Chick
You On A Pedestal They Could Never Reach
I Look In Your Eyes & See A Better Me
I Got A Condo, I Think It’s Time She Got A Set A Keys
Cuz Shorty You The One, Im Just Settin Screens
She Got Me Hooked, That Pussy Was Bait
Im A Thief & Ya Heart’s What Im Lookin To Take
You Know The Sex Good Once You Finished
And You Ask Her For A Sandwich
& She Ends Up Cookin Ya Steak, True Story

Euroz Ft. Castro – Stay On My Mind Lyrics

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