Chevy Woods – Leanin’ (Freestyle) Lyrics

Chevy Woods – Leanin’ (Freestyle) Lyrics

I hear niggas keep talkin shit, cool
That’s not a bother to me (nope)
Talkin all that shit on the net
Same pussy ass niggas in the streets
Get a square for the low, that’s cheap
That’s cheap (let’s go)
Piano man with it, let me take it back for you, get a square for the low, low key

I don’t sell shit like none of yall niggas
If you ask me yall garbage to me (trash)
Couple shots make a pussy ass nigga fall back
And that sound like autumn to me (brr brr)
Couple chains on my neck, no flex
Bank tellers can’t believe that check
They say they ready for the album, I’ve been workin on that album
Tell them pussy ass niggas that’s next
Hell no, I don’t want yo bitch
All them problems you be havin I’m cool (I’m good)
For me to even try to entertain that shit, man I gotta be a goddamn fool
I head up out of this beef one time, ain’t even had to start it, just whip it one time
You ever been in a gym, you know the police comin and you had to get away from one time
That’s real nigga shit, no lie
Pussy ass niggas, tell em to avoid that rap

I could fit 100 grand in these leather pants’ pockets
Jings harder, when that gun go boom you can’t play no D, that’s a rocket
You can’t play no D, that’s a motherfuckin rocket
I don’t know none of you niggas, matter fact I don’t care to know none of you niggas
I ain’t never get a pack, never brought it down
I ain’t never come to shit with none of you niggas
Yall wanna rap this rap, that’s cool
All the bad bitches, they know us
Now O’s of them gems pulled back on my way
Back to Philly, had to try my luck

Real shit, I just let em talk that
Cuz a nigga been did all that
Get a corner on for every extra man in this beef
Cuz a nigga just killed all that
I just let em talk that
Cuz a nigga been did all that
You ever seen em look on a nigga face and this man on a stand bout to spill all that?

Young rich nigga I’m leanin
Young rich nigga I’m leanin
Taylor Gang nigga, I mean it
TGOD nigga

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