A$ton Matthews – TLC Ringtone ft. Action Bronson, Flatbush Zombies

A$ton Matthews ft. Action Bronson, Flatbush Zombies – TLC Ringtone

[Intro: Action Bronson]
See when you have this type of hair on your head man
The perfect symmetry treated in some type of way
Pull up on the 37 foot boat
Tan all year
I hop out like I ain’t shit
Three fifth flannel on, summertime
Straight up motherfucker
Yeah, you ain’t shit

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Dump Dump, that polished trump you get polished up
Nas get drawn in the powder
This shit look like new England clam chowder
the Uzi singing from the tower
Stoned singing in the shower
My phone rings a thousand times an hour
Shit, I used to pitch a hundred miles an hour
Candy mouth an oudo, candy el dorado
Asics with the purple toe
I met a bitch today who said my name is serpaco
I own shit no condo, cabos with carlos
Hundred thousand on the cardinals
Ain’t a motherfucking cold to bring the quill to bring the heat back
You gotta understand you’re dealing with some heathens jag .

[Verse 2: A$ton Matthews]
Our sward the virgin, suburban she do the dirt, do the dirt
At least I served the urfan in surface,
I’ll put your brain with that curbas
No bricks, no chips, then your friend gonna lose service
The world is to turn up too .. them service, get cart in lights out
Better trap when the mice out,
Cut throat when that price out with your light bow,
And nobody say, funny cow, body A,
Flat line to get the shit back, take a potty break
Better like the gate for your mommy sack,
F*ck boy, make em more wanna dish ram out
But you know you ain’t run the shit, but you go with the lab word,
Tell the tack word, expect dirt,
Lions target Benz on mob,
Cool that .. that rules ‘bout the ..
The 4 4 the .. before,
Click clack, bang bang .. but weaker line it up, huh,
Pop the chunck, drop a minute trunk,
Round around my city dark and big papa pump, mother*cker

Yeah, go.. no time for this slime,
Go get your mopped in the air, with the .. that you heard em
??? I hear …

[Verse 3: Zombie Juice]
Spitting and rappin you niggas ..
I came from the game like i price on the mike
But I’m nicer than mike, Justin or Jordan
Flow so sick like a roman from across,
?? and face covered in ashes, way covered in ..
What a lonely bastard, I’m a lonely bastard but I know some magic
And I had to make a ..
Nigga is a loan head with a funny .. fight
And the dirt in the earth, 60 oh well
Smoke my ring, my motorcycle logic that feel certain
The macro see never stopping,
We feelin’ like Paco honesty ..
The line you spit probably design the nigga should ..

[Verse 4: Meechy Darko]
Mind games of my games, I rearrange you my friend
My mind chain, flow insane, smoke in train ,
I’m cold thing, and go faith and ..
We so loud, my ear ring, still on whacks like ear
But I’m high on ear butt and I’m high dog, ear bugg
They go to sign the .. of the cake,
None of your face, get shots for a day,
They text flood, f*ck for MZ straight head shots how I ..
That murder game in .. we read blood no DMC,
And cut bow that nigga, trashed up in that dmc holla
Ask about you is braggin nigga,
Was braggin’ nigga, cut throat with braggin nigga
Stone cold stuntin one of you niggas
You and your bitch nigga,
If you think I’m talking to you, yeah I’m talking to you nigga
They say no to this song nigga
Step your ??? nigga

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