Joe Budden – I Might Need More Than 16 Tho Ringtone

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Joe Budden – I Might Need More Than 16 Tho Ringtone

Real nigga in the buff, let’s go
Let me talk to ‘em
Check this
I might need more than 16

Check this wex code, roily been clean, no
This Smith fine to pock a bad cangreen floor
Some of these fat niggas fit go on and see it so
Stealing my prime but the same nigga want a prilo
Look what this frap nigga do to the game
I bunge a cool song for niggas I can’t name
The bet on every single was all sell in the same
I’ll explain but
I might need more than 16

These hoers hurtin’
Bitches try to look like each other and they sharing surging
Shift to get every serve again
In the city is a bad trip was her body shot
If I gotta ask if it’s real will be probably not
Post missing on, post fiction
Relationship quark, demons to drug addiction
I know just some hurters that I leave but to my worth is up
Don’t try to fight, no, I do that with myself enough
You got a part in me I’m growing this aggression
Playing with her mind I found the soul in a recession
Made your part so wild, sure he know is my perception
Don’t think cuz you suck my dick there’s an emotional investment
Father Joe shit, Joe’s father
A brother to some others that had no regard fuck
I go for a minute, I got to focus harder
Wanted me out my square but I’m so unbothered
It’s so much going on but niggas had it lately
I don’t know where to start, I just start from my heart
But the truth can’t be all that you want
I coulda be so many
Misunderstanding boy, though I was blunt
I thought the common sends
But always be easy the easy is to comprises
Now I’m convince all shit from fuck niggas all the time I spend
And in the pief will be forever and I’mma be your mind fore’ man
Took a page out of power did I hummy on the beat
If I’m ghost in the (?) spend my time in the streets
I did enough cuz any nigga buy me gotta hit
Had to plan but
I might need more than 16

Learn to be here with hate
While you all just nickleing and diamond (?) just real I stay
The first mil I made
Pull all these planny models at the realest lake
One of them (?) cooking, couldn’t feel a faze
They got confuse but my hunger was gone
Cuz I spend three thousand last summer alone
You she would (?) I think she’ll jumping above
They usually wrong but
I might need more than 16

Moneling, mano, close like Mariano
They stare when I done news
So they leak like Steriano
Jack it, any rapper in this word think they seeing Joe
You can try but need more than 16

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