Elise 5000 – Audition Ringtone

Elise 5000 – Audition Ringtone I wanna go strong tonight, long tonight Loving you until the sun rise And baby if you touchin’ me right I will lovin’ you right And could feed your sexual appetite So, baby come over I wanna show how it is to be in the presence of a bad bitch […]

Rico Love – He Got Money Ringtone ft. Future

Rico Love – He Got Money Ringtone (Intro) Maybe it seems like we take it too far But we ain’t neva had shit, all we know is hustlin’ We be on that cash shit, and when we see a bad bitch You know we got money, you know we got money Hold up! You know […]

Kelsey Ellison – Pom Pom Ringtone

Kelsey Ellison – Pom Pom Ringtone [Intro] Arigatou gozaimasu Ima, London ni ikimashou [Verse 1] Welcome to my life, it’s like disney gone wrong Like wanderin’ through Bagdad calling out a bird song I think I’m going crazy Think hello I’m loony toons I hear the sound of the death machine But I’m stuck to […]

Mick Jenkins – Steam Ringtone

Mick Jenkins – Steam Ringtone (Verse) Since oakwood I been moving this dope Tryna give you this truth, so potent, every line is Quote, ‘overhit’, I’m a fiend Niggas scratchin’ like I been in the DJ booth I know that we ain’t heard it like this since the South Side expected to be so uncouth, […]

Calvin Harris – Summer Ringtone

Calvin Harris – Summer Ringtone When I met you in the summer Took my heart beat sound We fell in love as the leaves turn brown And we can be together baby as long as sky Is all blue You act so innocent now, but you lie so soon When I met you in the […]

YG – Me & My Bitch Ringtone ft. Tory Lanez

YG ft. Tory Lanez – Me & My Bitch Ringtone Used to have a girlfriend Now all I got is old Looking for a down girl But she was fucking on the low Hair done, nails did, caramel complexion That pussy stay wet like she was here from Mexico Love I invested in, trust I […]

Say Lou Lou – Everything We Touch Ringtone

Say Lou Lou – Everything We Touch Ringtone I lived inside the … And tell me you touch so slow I raise ones by my side but I had to let them go Taste of ashes and nights of flames Search for cutie and then forget Do you need to see my soul? Just let […]

ONYX – Whut Whut Ringtone

ONYX – Whut Whut Ringtone We coming to, coming to like whut? We coming to, coming to like whut? We coming to, coming to like whut? I’m going in like a G. cop nigga better shut Or you get you ass stunck, gotta get up Watch our nigas creap up, laying for your chick wait […]

Kevin Gates – Not Really Ringtone

Kevin Gates – Not Really Ringtone (Hook) Trust issues got me being cautious, not friendly Niggas rollin’ swishas, do I wanna hit it? Not really Blood in the streets for any one of my nigga I’m riding solo, I be striving with that 9 milli I’mma baker you kill me, I’mma make you kill me […]

T.I. – Danny Glover (Freestyle) Ringtone

T.I. – Danny Glover (Freestyle) Ringtone Ok, cool, ok, bu, I love her I’mma save her, yes, like Danny Glover I’mma call my partner befo’ I fuck the mother I-Pad in the Marinelli, kiss each other Everytime I fuck I gotta hear me in like two bitch Boy, tha doppy whip, you need like new […]