Vic Mensa – Hands Ringtone

Hands Ringtone by Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa – Hands Lyrics and Ringtone Download

[Intro: Vic Mensa]
Sound about right

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
Mom and pops was some drug addicts
I’m a baby of a mud alley
Dirty lil nigga from the West side with a whole bunch of niggas that wear hats to the left side
Pounds to the chest, pounds of that weed
Playin’ basketball bumpin MC Bree
Wearin’ dirty ass head bands
Remember the first day when nigga heard Red Man
Started writin’ my own verses, stopped writing about my auntie and
Grand hosptial nurses, big brother was who I wanted to be like
But I was tooken away like a felon with three strikes
Ran through my first group home
The cold world became luke warm
No Jordans and some weed to blow
I was fresh everyday thats what you need to know

[Hook: Vic Mensa]
Life story, motion picture
Picture perfect, horrow flicks in these verses
Laid back so Im low key don’t be
Quick to judge, listen to these bars if you want to get to know me
If you want to know me

[Verse 2: Vic Mensa]
I started thinkin’ something was wrong with me but
It wasn’t though I was cold, niggas wanted to do songs with me
Dead all kind of shit, while livin’ in residential
Fucked a bunch of bitches but bathroom windows
Fuckin’ and thinking’ what the fuck was I thinkin’?
I was a nigga with no conscious nigga with no instinct
Musically nigga wasn’t on shit
DCSF gave me my own crib
Nigga broke into my apartment, then I got evicted the same month
Landlord was heartless by 19 I was a homeless college dropout
And what saved my ass, is when my mama made her house my house
Damn I learned a lot back then
Picked up the pen start writin’ again
Fightin’ the sin lighten the end of the doobie
Like Im stressed out thinkin’ my story it could be the best out


[Bridge: Vic Mensa]
I dunno why they quick to judge
It’s maybe because they don’t know me, you know?
That’s how I see it
They don’t know me so they just makin’ up some shit as life goes along
Dont worry about my life story and shit that I went through and shit in the past
Get to know me ‘fore you start judgin’ me mothafucker
That sound about right

Vic Mensa – Hands Ringtone

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