Action Bronson – Hookers Ringtone

Hookers Ringtone by Action Bronson

Action Bronson – Hookers Lyrics and Ringtone Download

[Verse 1]
Take a taste of the good, the bass line run through your body
Strollin’ through the party, twisted off the Marley
Bam-Bam Bronsolini, gnarly…
Cute, motoring with a posee like I’m Charley
Young J Steel, swigin’ liquor like a dog
Lauren’ll hold it down ’til we sittin’ in the morgue
Drugs are by the crotch and the blicker by the floor
Rockin’ any stage, from Bar Mitzvahs to the tour
27 years of my life I’ve lived in Queens
I did drugs seven times before I was a teen
Pullin’ schemes, dressed in suits, hit the Kmart
Nowadays I’m nautical, dippin’ off the radar
But at the end of the day, I’m at the podium
Hall Of Fame speeches, keep shittin’, no IMODIUM®
For added flavor, cut the ketamine with sodium
Asian-featured bitches sweep the pussy like custodians

Hookers suckin’ dick, hookers shootin’ dope
Hookers playin’ pool, hookers playin’ ball
Hookers shootin’ dice, hookers skippin’ hop-scotch
Send a hooker over, nibble on a cop’s crotch

[Verse 2]
I’m writin’ rhymes on the contract
Bitches catchin’ contact ’cause they don’t touch the blunt
I’m smokin’ to the neck with this one
Sniffin’ truffles, piff in duffles
Chicken cutlets, livin’ rich before I kick the bucket
Mason jar filled with Ooh-Wee, yours truly
Fuck around, get the cooties – fingers crossed, no luck
Cold duck, soba noodles, chocolate struddle
Your bark is loud, but you’re soft as doo-doo from a poodle
Zucccini flowers fried up with a light batter
Taste the essence…
Nowadays it’s even less that you’re graced with my presence
Blow grape to the heavens…
Jordans are childish, only Bimmers and Sevens
Dog, I’m a demon – peace to all my bitches out in Lehman College
Givin’ knowledge on the boat, a bunch of seamen
95th stay crisp, on some grimy shit
Fuck around and I’mma shoot you in your tiny dick


Action Bronson – Hookers Ringtone

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